Product Review: Gardein Marinara Chick’n

So I was walking by the “Green Wise” frozen section in my local Publix and a
new Gardein product caught my eye.

Now, I’m always a sucker for anything stuffed with cheese. Since going vegan that’s something I’ve had to miss out on, but not anymore! Gardein has come out with a chick’n breast stuffed with Daiya cheese and marinara sauce, and it’s amazing!

All of the Gardein products I’ve ever had have been suprisingly meat-like, but this one would fool any omnivore and the Daiya soy cheese was delicious!

Now I know why everyone has had such rave reviews for this new vegan cheese. It tastes like the cheese I remember, and mimics the stringy-ness of cow cheese, that no soy product has managed to recreate until now.

If you see this product, grab it up! It’s super delicious.


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