Recipe Triumphs and Failures

Yesterday I had a Chocolove chocolate and orange bar. It was so good! Why haven’t I tried this before?

After discovering that I love the combo of orange and chocolate I decided that I should bake orange cookies with chocolate drizzle on top.

Don’t they look yummy? I didn’t add the chocolate drizzle I wanted, because it they were so good I didn’t think they needed anything extra. I’m still trying to get the recipe perfect and I’ll be sure to post it when I figure them out.

That was my recipe triumph and now it’s time for my failure.

 My mom had an old omnivore recipe of mini meatloaves that she’d never tried and I attempted to make a vegan version of it. I utterly failed.

I mixed Gimme Lean ground “sausage”, tons of herbs, and a dried stuffing mix (like the recipe said to) and baked it at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. They came out with a nice crust and smelled delicious… And then I bit into them. Eww! Not at all what I had hoped for! All gooshy on the inside and they had a strange taste to them…

Oh well, back to the drawing board. I will figure out how to make these vegan!


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