Pizza and Pasta

If you can’t tell by now, I love soy cheese. You could put it on pretty much anything and I’ll most likely eat it. So, when I saw this recipe for pizza rolls from Bittersweet Blog I knew that I needed to make these. Hannah’s pizza rolls look all nice and pretty, while mine look like… Well, I’ll just show you a picture.

Not too pretty, but soooo good. Good enough that my cheese-loving vegetarian sister ate three of them! My sister usually thinks that soy cheese is really gross. So if she says they’re tasty, trust me, they’re tasty. The cheese (I used Follow Your Heart) got all melty inside the soft roll and the pizza sauce just pulled everything together.

Here I served one of the rolls with a side of pinwheel mini pasta mixed with spaghetti sauce and a chopped up Boca chick’n patty.

Seriously people, go make these.


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