Vegan Christmas Gifts part II

I promised a second post on all the awesome Christmas presents I received and I’ve been procrastinating, but here it is! My parents got me some really cool things:

I want to give my parents (Susan & David) a small shout out and thank them for getting me all this awesome stuff. Thanks Mom and Dad!

So here’s what all I got from left to right:

Eating Animals which is a really amazing book, because although it’s a depressing subject, the author does a great job of incorporating humor into his writing. This is Why We Don’t Eat Animals that’s a cute children’s book that gives parents an easy way to get their children to understand why they don’t eat the same things as their friends. The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Although I’ve only tried one recipe so far, if it’s any sign of what the rest of the book is like, then it looks like I’ll be eating a lot of delicious uncheese recipes in the future. Two adorable silicone pot holders that look like cows and an apron with doggies all over it.

I also got two other things not related to being vegan, a new cell phone and a double bass drum pedal.

All in all, it was a really great Christmas. On a different note: Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that if you aren’t already vegan that one of your resolutions will be to at least try it out. It’s definitely not as hard as people would make you think.


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