Updates and Easter!

Happy belated Easter, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I’ve been super busy, but I’m hoping to start posting consistantly again.

The main reason I’ve been so busy is that I was able to go to three AFI shows in March. It was so much fun! We saw them in Nashville, TN on the 12th, Pensacola, FL on the 18th, and New Orleans, LA on the 19th.

AFI is an amazing band, and if you haven’t heard their music before I recommend you check it out. All the band members are vegetarian. Plus their lead singer singer, Davey Havok, and bassist, Hunter Burgan, are vegans. Davey actually recorded an ad for peta2 promoting a vegan diet (which you can see here).

Below are some pictures taken while waiting in line and during the shows:




 It was so much fun seeing my favorite band with some great friends. I can’t wait until May, when I’ll be getting to see them live two more times.

On to the food related part of this post. I went to a party on Friday and I made Easter themed cupcakes to share.

I made chocolate cupcakes (using this recipe), then frosted them with vanilla frosting that I had added green food dye to. I then made a tiny “nest” out of vanilla frosting dyed yellow, to hold the jelly bean “eggs”.

It was all finished off by being topped with a little chocolate bunny or chick (I made my own with a mold I got from this website). They were a hit and everyone enjoyed eating the cute, little, chocolate animals.


3 thoughts on “Updates and Easter!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I had considered ordering vegan Easter candy from veganessentials.com, but they were so darn expensive. So I just bought some molds, since I can re-use those every year.

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