Totoro and Catbus Cupcakes

My sister’s boyfriend, Josh, had his birthday coming up and I decided it would be cool to make him a cake to celebrate. He’s leaving soon on tour with his awesome band Carridale so it was sort of a going away party too.

I was going to make him a chocolate cake in the shape of the Catbus from the movie My Neighbor Totoro because he loves that movie but the cake somehow failed and didn’t bake properly. Thankfully I had made a few cupcakes out of the extra cake batter, so we had something sweet to munch on anyway.

I cut some thin circles out of marzipan and drew faces on it with food coloring markers.  The one on the left is the Catbus’ face and the one on the right is Totoro’s face. I “glued” them onto the cupcakes with some chocolate frosting.

Josh is a huge Totoro fan, as is obvious from his leg tattoo.

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