Halo Birthday Cake

Hello, everyone! I promise I am still alive and apologize for the sporadic postings. The family computer ended up dying last week and we just now got a new one. Which means I’ve lost all of my food pictures except for the most recent ones.

But on to business! My boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday and, being the game nerd that he is, he requested a Halo birthday cake that was lemon flavored. So I ended up making the all-purpose vanilla cake from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan but substituted lemon extract in for vanilla and voila! Lemon cake.

The frosting is “butter cream” and I used green cookie icing and colored sugar to draw the helmet and write the words. Though it isn’t too pretty, I was pleasantly surprised when people recognized it was supposed to be a character from Halo and not just a green and yellow blob.


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