BLT Pasta Salad and Crazy Cats

Though pasta salads are usually a staple during the summer time, I’ve been finding myself craving some during the colder months. And to satisfy that craving I made vegan BLT pasta salad!

The recipe is from the blog Vegetarian Escapades, but sadly the blog has been deleted so I can’t post the link to the actual recipe. The salad includes tri-color rotini, vegan “bacon”, green onion, tomatoes, and a wonderful creamy sauce. That jumble of ingredients all tossed together and refrigerated for a few hours resulted in a super tasty salad that was hearty enough for it alone to be a meal, but light enough that you don’t feel bogged down after eating it.

On a side note, I found out this morning that cats apparently like tomatoes. I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, only to find that our recently purchased bag of tomatoes had been beaten into a pulp and was riddled with kitty bite marks. Bizarre, but true. Pictured bellow is the evidence and the suspected culprit, Tootsie.


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