Dekalb Farmers Market Outing

On Saturday I was invited to go on a trip with my boyfriend and his family to Atlanta. I got to meet his wonderful grandparents who live there and we also made a visit to the Dekalb Farmers Market. And I must say, wow. That place was incredible, the moment you walk in you’re hit with a wave of sights and smells. We saw people from every walk of life and a lot of different cultures, speaking too many languages to count. The employees actually had a list of languages they could speak on their name tags.

After standing around and gawking for a few minutes we moved on to the food court for lunch and got into the buffet line. At first I was afraid I’d have to stick with the normal vegan fare of a salad, but I soon saw that there were many veggie-friendly food options. I ended up with a huge plate-full of very yummy food. I got sesame ginger tofu (which was by far the best tofu I’ve ever eaten), three bean chili with corn and mushrooms, and steamed zucchini with garlic and fennel seeds. It was all really good, so if you go through Atlanta be sure to eat at the Dekalb buffet.

By the way, my apologies for the crummy picture. They had a strict no photos policy so I just took one quick, semi-hidden snapshot of my food before digging in.


3 thoughts on “Dekalb Farmers Market Outing

  1. Hi Hayley! I am a friend of John&Janet (and remember your boyfriend when he was 4 yrs old). I LOVE the Dekalb Farmers Market and will do all sorts of embarrasing things to get the ginger tofu! John sent me to your blog because I’m on the hunt for cheap and easy vegetarian (not necessarily vegan but yeah, they’ll do too) recipes to cobble together for my Son On A Limited Budget who’s just discovered that vegetarian is MUCH cheaper than omnivorous.
    Do you mind if I post a link to your blog on my (not vegetarian or vegan) cooking blog at ? I won’t until you give permission.

    • Well sure! I’ll be happy to have you link to my blog. Thank you very much. I saw Mr. John’s post about your blog earlier and it was actually a pretty interesting read. I may have to veganize that roasted cauliflower and red pepper recipe sometime because it looked pretty yummy.

      • I think the cauliflower red pepper recipe would be very easy to veganize, because honestly the parmesan cheese didn’t do a whole lot for it. Just leave it out! thanks for the permission! Also-the peanut sauce in the Thai post is AMAZING on vegs-especially (and I don’t know why,but it is) raw cabbage…and it’s vegan as well!

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