Product Review – Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza

It’s my first post of the new year! And we’ll start it off with a bang with a new product review.

I found this new Tofurky frozen pepperoni pizza at our local health food store and couldn’t resist buying it. Although quite expensive at $6.75 a pizza, it was very very good. Though I couldn’t stand to buy something that pricey on a regular basis, it was delicious enough I could see buying it for a once in a while treat.

The pizza all together was really tasty, the crust was thin and crispy with just the amount of sauce. All of that is smothered in Daiya vegan cheez and Tofurky pepperoni bits. It was slightly reminiscent of those awful for you, but oh so good frozen pepperoni of my youth. Where you’re not exactly sure what meat the “pepperoni” is but it’s too darn tasty to care.

So all in all, I give the Tofurky pepperoni pizza two thumbs up, but the price is a thumbs down. Good for a splurge but not a budgeted family.


2 thoughts on “Product Review – Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Bk says:

    How is $6.75 expensive for an entire pizza? You would have paid $15 for that from a pizzeria. Plus it is made with superior and more expensive vegan ingredients.

    • Yeah, I know if I got take-out pizza it would be even more expensive.

      But two things made me cringe about the price: One is that it wasn’t super filling, which I thought it would be with the amount of “meat” on it. Two is that it was a $6.75 non-organic pizza and the freezer next to it had an Amy’s vegan and organic pizza for $4. So in comparison, it’s more expensive.

      Tofurky is in no way price gouging though, it’s a very good product.
      ^^^ Also, sorry for the novel.

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