Lazy Snow Days Make for Lazy Bloggers

Laziness has gotten the better of me, I meant to post at least once more last week but failed to. Last Sunday night it snowed almost an entire foot at our house, more than I’ve ever seen in my entire 17 years of living here in Alabama. Of course that meant we were stuck at home for several days because of icy roads (and crazy drivers).

I should have used that time to bake and cook like a maniac, but I mostly ended up just making fast and simple things like salads, soup, and sammichs. Below is a picture of one of my favorite combos ever: A grilled cheez and tomato soup. I made this after trecking through the yard with the doggies and building a snowman.

Being stuck at the house also meant lots of knitting and sewing being done. This cute pirate bunny was whipped up over just two short days. Though at first I intended for him to be a regular bunny, I realized I only had one black stuffed animal eye left so I improvised and he turned into a pirate! If you want to try making a bunny for yourself (or any of the other animal options they had) you can find the pattern online here at the Petite Purls website.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Snow Days Make for Lazy Bloggers

  1. I’m also a knitter and blogger and have been looking for ways to move some of my WiPs to Finished status. So, I am taking a day off work and planning a Knitting Marathon!

    If you’re still stuck at home because of the snow, join me in Knitting All Day on Thursday, Jan 20th. I’ll be starting at 8am EST – if you’re interested, take a peek at my blog – I’ve posted some of the details over the last couple of days.


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