The Day of the Disappointing Potatoes.. And Some Zombies

There nothing quite as disappointing as a bad recipe. It’s one of those where when you see the recipe you think “That sounds like it would be fantastic!” and it turns out soggy, flavorless, or whatever else will throw off the entire dish. That is what happened to me today. Look at the meal below:

It looks yummy, right? Well I’ll admit, the slices of Tofurky roast were good, but the potatoes were quite nasty. It was the potatoes gruyere recipe from Vegan Vittles, it’s supposed to be similar to an au gratin potato casserole but was nothing of the sort. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vegan Vittles, but this combo of potatoes, silken tofu, cashews, and nutritional yeast turned into a soggy flavorless mess. Guess I’ll have to put a red X next to this one in the book.

On a better note, I noticed a funny vegan reference at the local Decatur comic book shop:

Look, a vegan zombie! I found this on one of the comic shop’s little signs they put up every week to show which comics have been newly released.

And on a final note, my boyfriend, Peter, has started a new writing blog. It’s called The Daily Pen. He’s a great writer and I think you should check it out. He’ll be posting short stories, poems, chapters on his novel works, and just about anything else his pen gets to working on.


2 thoughts on “The Day of the Disappointing Potatoes.. And Some Zombies

  1. Don’t you hate it when you put so much effort into a meal only to have it turn out sort of blech? My worst experience was the spanakopita from VWAV — the filling was basically salty, chewy tofu. So, so awful.

    And the vegan zombie is such a great find!

    • Yes! Thankfully I was just making it for a normal meal and not a special occasion. I never try new recipes for events in case they’re yucky. Yeah, I haven’t had a ton of success with VWAV, surprisingly. But I’ve only tried 3 recipes so far though, so we’ll see. Thanks for reading!

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