A Cheezy Kind of Week

This week I finally bought some agar powder and attempted to make some uncheese from The Uncheese Cookbook. I tried making the gooda cheez  and it turned out surprisingly good! It took less than 15 minutes to make the cheez, not counting the few hours taken for it to set up in the fridge.

It had a nice, creamy texture and taste. A bit strong on the mustard when eaten by itself ( Well what do you expect when you have Dijon mustard and dry mustard in the ingredients?). But it was delicious when paired with crackers, or stuffed inbetween two pieces of wheat bread and topped with some freshly sliced tomato.

I used half the cheez mixture to make a block, but the other part to make cheez sticks. I poured it into an ice stick mold and out came the lovely sticks pictured above! They were very yummy and just the right size to snack on with crackers. I will most definitely make this recipe again, maybe next time we have guests over so I can share it with the omnivores!


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