Delicious Daily Meals

With monies starting to get more tight around the household, I’m having to cut back on my usual vegan splurges. Less Daiya and Amy’s frozen dinners, and more of the cheap vegan staples like tofu and soymilk. But for now, I shall enjoy the leftovers I have stored in the fridge still until the penny pinching takes over.

So that’s why I made this tasty pizza. The open bag of Daiya needed to be used before it went bad, and pizza just sounded great. I made it with a whole wheat crust, topped with sauce, Daiya, freshly chopped tomatoes and onions, with some mushrooms sprinkled on top for extra goodness.

Here is some more delectable Italian food. I made a quick, but satisfying, dinner of spaghetti in tomato sauce, with some mushrooms, chopped onion, and freshly steamed zucchini slices mixed in.

I think sometimes I get caught up in the foodie rush to try and make lots of weird foods with different flavors and textures, and in that forget that sometimes the best food in life is the simplest.

For instance, take this tofurky sandwich pictured below. Kinda plain looking, not too special. But I was just as satisfied with it for my lunch as I would have been with some wacky casserole that used three different vegetables I’d never heard of. Though I made it extra delicious by adding some of my new favorite new sandwich spread, wasabi mustard. This is sooo yummy slathered on two slices of bread and paired with some veggie meat.


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