Coffee and Play House – Restaurant Review

It’s a big deal when a new restaurant opens in town, but it’s a VERY big deal when they serve delicious vegan options.

That’s why when I heard that the newly opened Coffee and Play House had a vegan veggie wrap, Peter and I headed over there right away. Their veggie wrap consists of garlic hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber slices, artichoke hearts, mixed greens, and bean sprouts (which I opted to not get), all drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and snuggled into a wheat tortilla. The wrap comes with a side of veggie straws, pickles, and a drink for just $8.

The food was extremely yummy, and the friendly service was great. They informed us that everyone has the option to mix and match with their menu, catering to each customers preference. So extra tomatoes and no hummus? Not a problem at all! Have it how you like it.

And even with the yummy food, the best part of Coffee and Play House is the atmosphere:

It’s in the same building as Excalibur, a vintage and vinyl store full of interesting things like records, vintage clothing, comics, homemade jewelry, and art by local artists, among other neat stuff. It’s great to wander through while you wait for your lunch to be prepared.

So all in all, I give Coffee and Play House two big thumbs up. If you’re ever in the downtown Decatur area, most definitely check it out.


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