Meeting Alton Brown

On the 25th of last month I got to go on a wonderful adventure to Birmingham!  And there I met my favorite celebrity chef, Alton Brown. He was doing a book signing for his newest and final book installment in the Good Eats trilogy. Now before anyone feels the need to post on this and complain, I know he is not vegan. But he is a very good chef and I have always loved his television shows/books, so if you don’t like it just go on to another food blog.

His signing was at a Books-a-Million and there were over 150 people there waiting in line. Thankfully, I had gotten my line ticket the day before and I was already 20th in line. Once he came out, Alton spoke for about half a hour about his new series coming out and his future plans since the end of the Good Eats series. He was afraid everyone couldn’t see him, so he stood on top of the table during the presentation. Then there was a Q&A where he answered lots of food related questions, and a few non-food ones too.

When I made it up the line and finally met him, he asked me if I was aspiring to be a chef and when I told him I was planning on being a family and consumer sciences teacher, he said “This is important. Promise me that you will use my book in your future class. Promise me.” I laughed and promised him I would use a recipe or two in my future FCS class. It was a great experience meeting him.


3 thoughts on “Meeting Alton Brown

    • Me too, I love all the theatrics of Good Eats. Alton was actually a theater major before he got his culinary degree.
      But his new show is called “Food Files” and that’s all he would say, besides mentioning it wasn’t going to be about cooking itself.

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