The End of the Craft Journal

Okay, first I must say that I absolutely hate quitting things. It is not in my nature to just give up, so this was kind of an annoying post for me to write. I am sad to say I am quitting the Daily Craft Journal project. 😦 The majority of the crafts were done during the last few weeks of winter break and then the first weeks of school, and everything was going smooth… Until homework came knocking. It’s just been hard to balance classes, homework, having a social life, and doing this project. Sure, I could continue doing mediocre crafts each day, or I could devote my time to less crafts and make the ones I do create great instead of just okay. So expect less frequent craft posts, but better quality crafts. Here are the last few projects I did from the journal:

Day 16 – the prompt was “Make a unique print by cutting up a potato or sponge and use it to stamp on a material of your choice.” I chose to use some old sponges that were just sitting around. I was inspired by some ninja cookie cutters I had stumbled upon earlier, so I cut the sponges into ninja-like shapes. I didn’t know what to stamp them onto though, so I dug through my clothes until I found a pair of old sweat pants. Using black fabric paint helped make the ninja look stealthy and blended into the navy fabric background.

Day 17- the prompt was “Make something inspired by or that goes over an eye.” I have seen many interesting knitted eye-patches, but when I was doing this prompt all I had on hand was some lime green yarn. So I knitted up a patch, attached an old GIR shoe lace, and made an Invader Zim eye patch! I must note: Despite looking like it, I was not intoxicated in this photo. It was just early in the morning.

Day 18 – the prompt was “Work with the things you find in your car.” Thankfully, I actually had some craft-related items in my car. I had three different colored sheets of foam paper and some duct tape. I cut thin strips of the foam from each sheet, braided them together, then taped the ends together with the tape, and voila! A bracelet. I was quite pleased with this and actually wear it around.

Day 19 – the prompt was “Create something that floats on water.” I don’t have very many buoyant things in my dorm room, so I had to settle with a mediocre craft today. I took a clothes pin, painted it blue, added some googly eyes, named it Willie the Whale, then threw it in a bowl of water. It floated for a bit, but eventually the wood got water-logged and it sank.

Day 20 – the prompt was “Use clay in a way you never have before.” I have never used clay as a wall decoration. So I took some Play-Doh, which was as close to clay as I could find that day, and spelled out my name with it. It stuck to my wardrobe’s door quite well and lasted for about two days.


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