Adorable Pasta and Some Creepy Vegan Hamburger Helper

We all need a little cuteness in our lives. Whether it is provided by our pets, clothes, toys, or something else. The other day, I chose pasta to add something cute to my day. I was in Publix and when I saw this gluten-free rice pasta in animals shapes, I couldn’t resist buying it. Elephants, lions, giraffes, and rhinos all happily stared back at me as I prepared to eat them.

I decided to not cover up the pasta’s design with a heavy sauce, so I made BLT pasta salad. The recipe is one of my favorites from a blog that has since been deleted that was called Vegetarian Escapades. It was a perfect cool meal for the warm weather that day.

This week I also made pizza rolls and “pigs” in a blanket. I used some store-bought and accidentally vegan crescent rolls for both of those and they turned out super yummy. The pizza rolls were stuffed with marinara sauce, Yves veggie pepperoni, and Daiya mozzarella. The “pigs” were simply Yves veggie dogs rolled into the crescent rolls.

I saved the ugliest picture for last, but it was probably the most delicious of all the dishes in this post. A vegan version of Hamburger Helper cheeseburger pasta. I basically took the smoky mac and cheez recipe from The Vegan Slowcooker and added in salsa, veggie crumbles, and some extra seasonings. It was creepily similar to the processed boxed pasta I ate as a child and I’m glad I wrote down the ingredients for future reference.


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