Fruit, Snitches, and Stitches

This upcoming week is finals! And afterwards, freedom!… Oh wait, I am going to summer school. But as long as I keep in mind that I will finish school early, I can keep going.

To keep myself sane inbetween studying, I have been taking on small and fast knitting projects. It’s nice to finish something in a hour and not feel bogged down in the middle of a big project. Two of these little patterns were fruit cozies! I made these for when I grab fruit from the cafeteria and don’t want it banged up in my bag. Plus I just needed an excuse to use that unicorn button.

I’ve also picked cross stitch back up! I love Hamtaro and based the pattern off a cross stitch I found on flickr. I am planning on eventually making more cross stitches of other Hamtaro characters and hanging them on my wall.

And my most recent project, a knitted snitch. My friend Skye has a birthday next Sunday, but since she won’t be at school then I decided to make her a gift early.


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