Lemon/Lime – Pattern

Since I am staying in school for the summer, I had to move into a new dorm on campus. Thankfully this one is reserved for the upperclassmen and actually has a kitchen inside the room, yay! So there will be more cooking posts soon, I promise.

But on another note, I am addicted to the game King of Loathing. It is a free comical online roleplaying game, which I love because you can play insane classes like an Accordion Thief or a Pastamancer. Plus there are adorable and crazy monsters, like the Sabre-Toothed Lime!

Upon seeing this cute lime, I decided to make a knitted version for myself. I found Peachcake’s pattern, but since I hate double-pointed needles, I made a straight needles version of the pattern! I give Peachcake full credit though for figuring out the needed increases/decreases to get the lime shape. (note: the Sabre-Toothed Lime’s mouth is made with white felt and black fabric paint)

Lemon/ Lime


Size 5 US/3.75mm straight knitting needles

Small amount of either green or yellow worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green and Bright Yellow)

Yarn Needle

Toy Stuffing


CO 6 sts.

1. Purl across

2. Knit across

3. Purl across

4. Kfb across (12 sts.)

5.  Purl across

6. *K1, kfb repeat from * across (18 sts.)

7. Purl across

8. *K2, kfb repeat from * across (24 sts.)

9. Purl across

10. *K3, kfb repeat from * across (30 sts.)

11. Purl across

12. K4, kfb repeat from * across (36 sts.)

13. Purl across

14. Knit across

15. Purl across

16. Knit across

17. Purl across

18. *K4, k2tog repeat from * across (30 sts.)

19. Purl across

20. *K3, k2tog repeat from * across (24 sts.)

21. Purl across

22. *K2, k2tog repeat from * across (18 sts.)

23. Purl across

24. *K1, k2tog repeat from * across (12 sts.)

25. Purl across

26. K2tog across (6 sts.)

27. Purl across

28. Knit across

29. Purl across

Bind off all stitches, leaving a 6″ tail. Put right sides together and use the tail to sew the lemon/lime until 1.5″ is left unsewn, turn inside out and stuff, then sew the rest shut. Feel free to paint or embroider a face upon your newly made fruit!


2 thoughts on “Lemon/Lime – Pattern

  1. Knitted the lime last night and just luv it. I.m now doing the lemon and using them for tablet holders that I created as I was getting cramped hands from gripping that darn tablet. Been knitting over 50 years.

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