Earrings and Summer Knitting

Thankfully this summer’s classes have not been too strenuous and I have had plenty of time to craft.

I have an unhealthy addiction to buttons and decided to turn some of my favorite ones into earrings. I cut off the button’s back shank with a mini jewelry clipper and then super-glued plain earring studs to the backs. Once the glue dries, voila! You have new earrings.

The sewing machine buttons above are my personal favorites.

And despite it being an unpleasant 80+ degrees here in Alabama, that has not stopped me from knitting. I made a daisy stitch hat which is quite comfy and I love the swirly bumps that go around the hat. It was my first time trying daisy stitch, but after a few rows it’s easy and fun to do.

One of my cousins was having issues with her “girly bits” and I made her this uterus with asymmetrical tubes and an angry face in hopes of making her feel better after surgery. I loosely based it after another pattern, but made it on straight needles and wonkied around with the stitches.

I have also started a larger project, similar to the Mario afghan that I made for Peter, but with Harry Potter themed patches. It is slow going because the pattern isn’t written out and is a chart instead, but it’s still progressing as my chart-reading skills improve. My first patch was from a Wimbourne Wasps dishcloth pattern, which is based around the Wimbourne Wasps Quidditch team.


4 thoughts on “Earrings and Summer Knitting

  1. Haha, I came over here from the Walking Dead swap on Craftster, and you know what…I made those same black kitty earrings for myself last year!!!! Rock on! 🙂

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