Dresses in Limbo

I am currently in a blogging limbo. I have lots of interesting pictures on my camera that would make great new posts, there’s just one problem: I have no cord to transfer them onto my computer. I lost my cord during the move from home to school, so I am currently waiting for Amazon to ship me a new one.

But I went digging in my photo album and found photos of sewing projects I tackled this summer and I forgot to blog about! So all is not lost. The projects are three dresses.

These first two were made using an awesome tutorial from Craftser.

Check out the rad cow fabric on this one. When I bought the fabric at Hancock’s the lady cutting it told me I shouldn’t make a dress and suggested I make aprons or something non-wearable because cow fabric wouldn’t make a pretty dress. Psh, I believe I proved her wrong. I love this dress.

Oh my glob! It’s a Lumpy Space Princess dress! This character from Adventure Time is so fabulous I just had to make a dress of her.

And this last dress was made free-form. I was in love with this cupcake fabric and knew I had to make something wearable with it.

So that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some stuff and post soon.



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