Hey there!

I’m Hayley and this is my blog.

I guess I should tell you some stuff about myself:

I’m a vegan and food is a main staple of what I will be talking about on Lima Bean Lover. I’ve been vegetarian since April 2007 and vegan since February 2008. I love cooking and baking, sewing and knitting, so this blog is my way of sharing those creative outlets with others.

I’m a student at the University of Montevallo and working towards my bachelor’s degree in Family and Community Journalism, and my dream is to someday be a food writer. I’m kind of a nerd who enjoys D&D, bad horror movies, and Animal Man comics. I really like reading, mostly fantasy and a bit of sci-fi, and alternative music. I am always happy to chat with readers or answer any questions. Just ask it here or email me at hayleystewart93@yahoo.com.

Also all photographs, recipes, and text is copyright of Lima Bean Lover unless otherwise mentioned. Please give me credit if you use one of my recipes, patterns, or photos.

Thanks for visiting!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. mike harper says:

    k……I’m convinced abt the benefits of eating tvp. Who’s is the best? Tasting….good, environmentally responsible….better.
    Thanks, Mike

    • Hey, Mike!

      Well there’s no particular brand I can say is the best. I usually just buy whatever my local health food store has on hand. Try the kind that’s available in the “serve yourself” section, that way you can choose how much you want to scoop out and save yourself some money by avoiding name brands and bulky plastic containers.

      – Hayley

  2. Melodious Funktastic says:

    Hayley! I miss you and I’m so proud of you!
    I haven’t heard from you in a while (it’s all my fault since I quit Facebook when I moved last year) and I hope that things are going well for you and that life is treating you well. I love the blog and, again, I’m so proud of you! You are a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman! You are doing wonderful things and are going to do even more amazing things in this world! Give my love to Mama! Miss you guys and think of you both often!
    Love and hugs!!!

  3. Hi Hayley,

    I saw your pattern for the Fishnet Scarf Pattern (https://limabeanlover.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/fishnet-scarf-pattern/) and just love that idea. I am the editor of AllFreeKnitting.com and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I’ve noticed you have some other great projects on your site, and I would love to link to all of your other free knitting patterns as well. I know my readers would just love them and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project and/or other free projects, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It’s really that simple. Your project will look similar to this project already on my site:


    My site is part of Prime Publishing and we publish 19 cooking and crafting web sites. We have over 3.5 million active e-mail subscribers and about 10 million page views per week. You can learn more about us at http://www.primecp.com.

    Please let me know if you would like to get started. Just a reply to this comment is all it takes.

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

    Julie DaMario
    Prime Publishing LLC
    3400 Dundee Road, Suite 220
    Northbrook, IL 60062

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