Harry Potter Craft Swap

Yet another Craftster swap, this time with a Harry Potter theme!

Here’s what I sent my partner:

Knitted Mandrake baby (it is ridiculously hard to get a good photo of its face)

Hufflepuff badger t-shirt

Luna Lovegood cross-stitch bookmark

Lots of candy from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade

My partner, Smeddley, was amazing. She kept checking with me to make sure that the things she was using to craft with were vegan-friendly. And on top of that she sent me some useful and amazing crafts!

My personal favorite, the Mandrake painting. I love that it says “Repotting Station”

A lovely green crocheted bag with stones carved with runes (ancient runes is my favorite class)

Hufflepuff bag with beaded stitch markers (which I actually needed)

And lastly, an adorable Honeydukes candy themed needle case

Fruit, Snitches, and Stitches

This upcoming week is finals! And afterwards, freedom!… Oh wait, I am going to summer school. But as long as I keep in mind that I will finish school early, I can keep going.

To keep myself sane inbetween studying, I have been taking on small and fast knitting projects. It’s nice to finish something in a hour and not feel bogged down in the middle of a big project. Two of these little patterns were fruit cozies! I made these for when I grab fruit from the cafeteria and don’t want it banged up in my bag. Plus I just needed an excuse to use that unicorn button.

I’ve also picked cross stitch back up! I love Hamtaro and based the pattern off a cross stitch I found on flickr. I am planning on eventually making more cross stitches of other Hamtaro characters and hanging them on my wall.

And my most recent project, a knitted snitch. My friend Skye has a birthday next Sunday, but since she won’t be at school then I decided to make her a gift early.

The End of the Year

As I told in my last post, I left my camera cord back in my dorm room in Montevallo. We have finally made it back to campus today, and I immediately began downloading the photos. Unfortunately I did not make a lot of food over the break that was “picture worthy”, but a few did manage to meet my criteria. Plus I came up with a new recipe I will be posting later. Much crafting was done, and the majority will be in a different post, but I’ll include one here.

Before leaving for school, I had $70 worth of “flex points” left to spend. So I bought (for me and  all my friends) several orders of fries, a couple of sodas, and 13 Naked juices, which are pictured below.

Inspired by seeing a delicious looking post on the Post Punk Kitchen, I made tater tot nachos. Soooo good. It was tater tots, topped with a nacho cheez sauce made with Daiya, and Yves crumbles with salsa. I could eat this every day.

Speaking of the Post Punk Kitchen, for the second year I’ve done a Christmas PPK package swap, and as usual it was fantastic. My swap partner, kilgore trout, sent me this amazing package:

From left to right: a bird card (with an awesome elephant drawing inside), homemade chocolate peppermint brownies in an adorable tin, Lush soap, Dandies vanilla marshmallows (!), Mexican cinnamon hot chocolate, a super warm and fluffy knitted cowl, an Enjoy Life rice and dark chocolate bar, and Biscoff spread.

I am so excited to try all the things in the package. I already tried the brownies and they were super yummy, and the marshmallows too, which was amazing because I haven’t had marshmallows in four years!

This year I vowed to do entirely homemade Christmas gifts, so I spent the majority of December crafting. I didn’t get pictures of all the gifts, but I did include pictures of two special ones. Other than the two below, I made: a pair of fuzzy slippers, Slytherin scarf, Tri-Force pillow, frilly apron, a grapefruit ornament, hedgehog pin cushion, a coffee mug with a mustache painted onto the bottom (to make the wearer look mustachioed when drinking), and a Skyrim ornament.

One of my favorite presents to make was for Peter’s brother, Sam. I cross stitched the Full Metal Alchemist symbol onto stiff plastic and attached a felt back and ribbon to make it into an ornament:

My best present though was Peter’s computer bag with the Skyrim cover symbol painted on it:

I also got around to some knitting and made a slouchy hat for myself from this pattern over at White Girl Knits.

I had a great Christmas and happy New Year, and I hope everyone else did too!