Harry Potter Craft Swap

Yet another Craftster swap, this time with a Harry Potter theme!

Here’s what I sent my partner:

Knitted Mandrake baby (it is ridiculously hard to get a good photo of its face)

Hufflepuff badger t-shirt

Luna Lovegood cross-stitch bookmark

Lots of candy from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade

My partner, Smeddley, was amazing. She kept checking with me to make sure that the things she was using to craft with were vegan-friendly. And on top of that she sent me some useful and amazing crafts!

My personal favorite, the Mandrake painting. I love that it says “Repotting Station”

A lovely green crocheted bag with stones carved with runes (ancient runes is my favorite class)

Hufflepuff bag with beaded stitch markers (which I actually needed)

And lastly, an adorable Honeydukes candy themed needle case

Dresses in Limbo

I am currently in a blogging limbo. I have lots of interesting pictures on my camera that would make great new posts, there’s just one problem: I have no cord to transfer them onto my computer. I lost my cord during the move from home to school, so I am currently waiting for Amazon to ship me a new one.

But I went digging in my photo album and found photos of sewing projects I tackled this summer and I forgot to blog about! So all is not lost. The projects are three dresses.

These first two were made using an awesome tutorial from Craftser.

Check out the rad cow fabric on this one. When I bought the fabric at Hancock’s the lady cutting it told me I shouldn’t make a dress and suggested I make aprons or something non-wearable because cow fabric wouldn’t make a pretty dress. Psh, I believe I proved her wrong. I love this dress.

Oh my glob! It’s a Lumpy Space Princess dress! This character from Adventure Time is so fabulous I just had to make a dress of her.

And this last dress was made free-form. I was in love with this cupcake fabric and knew I had to make something wearable with it.

So that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some stuff and post soon.


My First Craft Swap

I have recently become involved in the website Craftster, a forum for crafters of all sorts. They have organized swaps all the time, each with different categories, where you get a partner, make a few crafts, then mail ’em in. Last week I sent in the crafts for my first ever swap! The theme was the Walking Dead and I loved it. I had a great partner and can’t wait to participate in more swaps soon.

The first craft was coasters with covers of the Walking Dead books, one through six.

Since Rick was my partner’s favorite character, I also made her a Team Rick bag.

And lastly, a knitted zombie hat! The teeth were my favorite part in making this.

In return, my partner sent me this sweet t-shirt with Daryl and his nifty cross-bow screenprinted onto it. She also drew me an awesome version of that creepy hospital door saying “Don’t open, dead inside” (not pictured).

I greatly encourage anyone with a crafty streak to check out Craftster and their swaps.

Balloons, Basket Stitch, and House Elves

The biggest project I took on over the Christmas break was to make a dress without a pattern. I found some adorable balloon animal fabric on sale, so I then set to work! The top ended up looking a bit like a pillow case, but whatever. I was quite proud of doing it, sans pattern. (note: ignore the messy room behind me in the picture)

I have gone on a real knitting binge lately, and hats are one of my favorite things to make. I wanted to try a new type of stitch, so I followed this pattern and learned how to knit the basket stitch.

I also made a Harry Potter based hat, similar to the ones Hermione knitted for the house elves. I followed this pattern. It was a really fast to make, I started knitting while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie and finished it in the middle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Craft Journal: Llamas, Germs, and Mexican Food.

Continuing my 365 Creativity Journal challenge, here is the last week’s crafts:

Day 7 – the prompt was “Make a stencil and use it in your work.” So I found a llama drawing online, took out my exacto knife, and started cutting away! I then used a grey marker to stencil it onto paper.

Day 8 – the prompt was “Transform an old book into something new.” I had just finished organizing my collection of books and taking out the boring ones I’d already read, so I had a plethora of books to choose from. I picked The Revenge of the Shadow King though, because the creepy cover is awesome. I (once again) took my exacto knife and carved out the majority of the inner pages. I then painted the edge of the hollowed out book with glue, to make it a more solid surface.

Now I have a secret compartment to hide money, jewelry, and small animals!

I couldn’t bear to throw away the book pages, so I used water colors to paint them, and then found a paper flower/pom pom tutorial.

I really have no idea what I’m going to use these pompoms for, but they are too adorable to throw away! I may attach them to ribbon and string them across my dorm room as decoration.

Day 9 – the prompt was “Make something with your breakfast before you eat it.” Too bad this prompt landed on the first day that spring semester classes started back, because in my rush I couldn’t make anything super cool. So I made toast, and topped it with some Speculoos spread and made a happy face with vegan marshmallows. 😀

Day 10 – the prompt was “Use only water as your inspiration today.” Coincidentally, it rained that day. So I used a cup to collect some rain water, and used it in water colors to paint out different shades of blue.

Day 11- the prompt was “Work on the other hand. Pick a medium you’re comfortable with and work with your non-dominant hand.” I’m not fantastic at drawing, but I am decent enough. Though if anything ever happened to my right hand, I would be out of luck when it came to any art or writing. Check out these two very different robots:

Day 12 – the prompt was “Make something camouflage.” When I hear camouflage I think of what most others do too: rednecks, the army, hunting. But I also think of octopuses. Since my sister loves tv shows about weird underwater sea-creatures, I have seen quite a few octopuses changing color. If you really want to appreciate their camouflage abilities, watch the video below.

And so, inspired by mother nature’s handy work and after seeing an adorable felt octopus on the blog Futuregirl, I made this precious octopus! He’s just looks so happy to be visiting on my desk and not in the deep sea.

Day 13 – the prompt was “Use tea leaves, tea bags, or liquid tea to create something today.” So I grabbed two tea bags from the cafeteria, some paper, and paper glue. And tada! It looks a bit like dirt, but it’s tea, I promise.

Day 14 – the prompt was “Make something microscopic.” Since I am not talented in the field of making things that are invisible to my naked eye, I did the opposite and made a tiny thing bigger! I knitted up Jimmy the Germ. He loves giving you a cold, the flu, or the stomach bug. But he’s just so sweet looking that you might not mind.

Day 15 – the prompt was “Use a dollar bill as your medium or inspiration.” I have seen some really cute money origami, so I searched it online and found a tutorial for making a dollar bill ring! And I like myself, so I put a ring on it.

Not part of the craft journal, but here is the delicious lunch I made today for myself and Peter. Toasted refried bean enchiladas that were smothered in creamy enchilada sauce, and paired with Spanish rice that had spiced veggie crumbles and fresh tomatoes mixed in. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers, yum.

My Obsession/Addiction – 365: A Daily Creativity Journal

Recently I bought the book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin. It’s a journal that provides a creative craft prompt for every day of the year. It has prompts involving everything you can imagine: Yarn, writing haikus, using leaves and twigs, and pretty much anything else to inspire you for an everyday creativity spurt.

I started on January 1st, of course, and the 1st prompt is “Start small today and make something that fits in the palm of your hand and use only the materials in your immediate environment.” Since I had just finished making a necklace based around my Dungeons & Dragons character (more on that in a moment), I had some thin metal wire sitting out and the sharpie I had used to sketch out the design. What I came up with was a tiny little stickman made from wire.

Before smashing it:

After attacking it with a hammer, muahaha!

I mentioned before about the necklace I made based around my favorite Dungeons & Dragons character. (Get ready for the nerdiness to come out) The character I play most often, and love the most, is a Drow necromancer named Astrael Umbrall. For Christmas, my mom got me an awesome D&D book entirely about the Drow race. In it, I read about how each Drow house has a symbol and each Drow wears their symbol somewhere on their clothes, whether in jewelry or just embroidered on their cloak. I found the symbol for Astrael’s house and made a necklace out of it! Here it is below:

Day 2- the prompt was “Use your favorite animal as your inspiration today.” Pigs are my favorite animals, so I sewed a small zombie pig head that was filled with scent beads and attached a ribbon. I have it hanging on my car’s rear view mirror as a cute air-freshener.

Day 3 – the prompt was “Make something with paper but do not use scissors or glue or draw on it.” So of course I thought about folding paper, origami! I searched for simple origami patterns and found this website with a mushroom making tutorial. I searched through my pile of dusty scrapbooking paper and picked some that looked psychedelic. So then I folded a psychedelic mushroom.

Day 4 – the prompt was “Take a 5-minute walk and make something from the things you find where you’ve ended up.” Since there is nowhere interesting near my house within quick walking distance, I bent the rules a bit and decided to grab a bag and collect cool things from a 5-minute walk through the woods behind my home. I found a perfectly intact mason jar within the first minute of entering the woods. After that, I collected pretty looking rocks, leaves, berries, and plants. Then arranged all those interesting things in the mason jar and snapped a photo!

Bonus picture: Sissy the pitbull helping me on my scavenging expedition.

Day 5 – the prompt was “What do you collect? Use part of that collection as your material today.” I collect a lot of things: little piggy knick knacks, decorative plates, and comic books. I couldn’t bear to alter the first two, so I started looking through my comics. When I got old enough to be interested, my mom gave me her old horror comics she had read as a kid and kept.  I love most of them, but some are just plain boring. So I picked the rattiest one from the boring pile to cut apart. I followed the directions on this website for a decorative comic book starburst. I didn’t have any glitter, so I just skipped that step.

Day 6 – the prompt was “Walk into your kitchen, and use the first fruit you see. Whether fresh, canned, pureed, or even jammed.” the first fruit I saw this morning was canned pineapple chunks. So I soaked them in food dye and made a lovely fruit rainbow!

The End of the Year

As I told in my last post, I left my camera cord back in my dorm room in Montevallo. We have finally made it back to campus today, and I immediately began downloading the photos. Unfortunately I did not make a lot of food over the break that was “picture worthy”, but a few did manage to meet my criteria. Plus I came up with a new recipe I will be posting later. Much crafting was done, and the majority will be in a different post, but I’ll include one here.

Before leaving for school, I had $70 worth of “flex points” left to spend. So I bought (for me and  all my friends) several orders of fries, a couple of sodas, and 13 Naked juices, which are pictured below.

Inspired by seeing a delicious looking post on the Post Punk Kitchen, I made tater tot nachos. Soooo good. It was tater tots, topped with a nacho cheez sauce made with Daiya, and Yves crumbles with salsa. I could eat this every day.

Speaking of the Post Punk Kitchen, for the second year I’ve done a Christmas PPK package swap, and as usual it was fantastic. My swap partner, kilgore trout, sent me this amazing package:

From left to right: a bird card (with an awesome elephant drawing inside), homemade chocolate peppermint brownies in an adorable tin, Lush soap, Dandies vanilla marshmallows (!), Mexican cinnamon hot chocolate, a super warm and fluffy knitted cowl, an Enjoy Life rice and dark chocolate bar, and Biscoff spread.

I am so excited to try all the things in the package. I already tried the brownies and they were super yummy, and the marshmallows too, which was amazing because I haven’t had marshmallows in four years!

This year I vowed to do entirely homemade Christmas gifts, so I spent the majority of December crafting. I didn’t get pictures of all the gifts, but I did include pictures of two special ones. Other than the two below, I made: a pair of fuzzy slippers, Slytherin scarf, Tri-Force pillow, frilly apron, a grapefruit ornament, hedgehog pin cushion, a coffee mug with a mustache painted onto the bottom (to make the wearer look mustachioed when drinking), and a Skyrim ornament.

One of my favorite presents to make was for Peter’s brother, Sam. I cross stitched the Full Metal Alchemist symbol onto stiff plastic and attached a felt back and ribbon to make it into an ornament:

My best present though was Peter’s computer bag with the Skyrim cover symbol painted on it:

I also got around to some knitting and made a slouchy hat for myself from this pattern over at White Girl Knits.

I had a great Christmas and happy New Year, and I hope everyone else did too!

Ninjas, and Mittens, and Skirts, Oh My!

Here is an update on some of the things I’ve been making, other than food.

I made this adorable knitted ninja to accompany my mother to her job. He sits on her desk and makes sure to throw a ninja star at anyone thinking of rifling through her drawers. I loosely based the body and limbs on the Anything Animals pattern from Petite Purls.

This next project I’m very proud of, it’s the first real piece of clothing I’ve ever made! I got a cute and fairly simple McCall’s pattern for a pleated skirt, and picked out some material I thought would look nice with a plain black top. I’ll admit, I couldn’t have made this without the help of my wonderful sewing class teacher. But now that I’ve sewn one once, it only takes a few hours to make another skirt.

And lastly, here are some cute fingerless heart mittens. I made these with the pattern from White Girl Knits (which is an awesome website, by the way, do check it out sometime), but altered them to be shorter and have ribbing on the top and bottom.

Weekly Round-Up + Sewing that Speaks for Animals

This week hasn’t been all that creative, food-wise at least. Though I did eat a couple of yummy meals and took snapshots of the two most photogenic things to come out of my kitchen in the last few days.

Below is a Dominex eggplant burger topped with all the veggie burger fix’ns and served with a side of curly fries. Yum!

Also we have some cute little vanilla cupcakes for Sunday night Bible study. I used my usual go-to cupcake recipe of the all-purpose vanilla cake from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan, and just put them into miniature cupcake form. A quick sprinkle of colored sugar really made the frosting swirls pop.

And here’s the thing that I think will really make this post interesting, my new pig bag. I made this in sewing class last Friday and it is now where I’m storing my knitting when I have to take it on the go. I found this lovely pig fabric on sale and couldn’t resist making something with it. As usual, I had to throw in a vegan jab so I added the phrase “Friends, not food.” on the bag with fabric painted.