Food Prep Bites

I miss my kitchen at home. Not because it’s fancy or special in any way, but because there I had everything I needed (my food processor, casserole dishes of every size, a million different cookie cutters, etc.) and I didn’t have to worry about other people making a mess. But alas, I am now a college student and must learn to work my way around a dorm kitchen.

 I think that is why I love my Food Prep class so much, because every Wednesday we get to cook a meal in the new high-tech kitchen and eat it afterwards. There is no jostling for counter or stovetop space, and no worries about where to store the different tools/ingredients needed for a dish. Plus there’s the awesome fact that the teacher approves of veganism and always makes sure there are at least two recipes that are animal-free.

Last Wednesday we had a breakfast-based lab. There were lots of different breakfast foods being made, and the vegan options were broccoli quiche, gluten-free banana muffins, and pancakes. The picture above is the quiche before cooking and the one next to this text is it straight out of the oven. Sorry for the low quality pictures, my camera died right before class and I took all these on my phone.