My Om Nom Noms of the Week

I’m just rounding up some of the interesting food I’ve made this week. Nothing too spectacular.

Here are some carrot cake cookies, made with a recipe from The Innocent Primate blog. You can find the recipe at this link. I baked these for a Sunday evening Bible study and they went over great! They were moist with just enough chew to keep them together. It kind of reminded me of the Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie cookies I loved so much in my pre-vegan days.

The food photographed here, on the other hand, was something I threw together with no recipe and just hoped for the best. They turned out very good too! It was an attempt at homemade pizza rolls.

I rolled out some pre-made crescent rolls and slightly dusted them with nutritional yeast to add a cheezy taste. Then I made them into little pockets, added pizza sauce, and topped that with Yves vegan ground beef that had been mixed with Greek seasoned salt. After popping it in the oven and baking it for 15 minutes, out came these beauties!
Money shot of the filling!