Moving On

ughThe picture above describes my reaction entirely to writing this much-dreaded post. After a lot hard thinking, I’ve decided to move from Lima Bean Lover to another blog.

There are personal reasons behind the main part of it, but also it will be nice to have a fresh start. Because of privacy reasons, I won’t be posting a link to the new blog on here, but feel free to email me or comment on here and I’ll send you a link.

I’m going to keep Lima Bean Lover up so people can still access the recipes. Thanks so much to everyone who has visited and supported this blog! I appreciate you all.


Liverpool Pt. II

My second day in Liverpool started with a nice breakfast at Brasco Lounge. They have an entirely separate vegan menu, and I ended up settling on their vegan breakfast plate. This was my first time trying baked beans since getting to Britain, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked these. I usually find the American kind much too sweet. I’m more of a fan of savory breakfasts, so this hearty plate was right up my alley.


The restaurant was conveniently located near the Liverpool Museum, which is a great free (!) place to explore. The best part for me was their large exhibit on the history and movement of transgender people.


Albert Dock is also nearby and holds a few entertaining things to see. My favorite of which was the giant Echo Wheel. Although I’m not a huge fan of heights, I rode it anyway and had a great time being terrified on the squeaky ride.



While wandering around the dock, I was drawn into a candy shop due to their amazing jelly bean portrait of The Beatles. Inside, I found some vegan vanilla Liverpool candy canes, which my inner tourist insisted I try.



As a bonus: here’s a yarnbombing I saw at St. John’s Gardens.


Liverpool Pt. I

Although my first two months of working abroad were spent mainly in Ireland, I took the time to visit parts of the UK also. The first place I saw was Liverpool, England. I was a bit intimidated before arriving because several people said “You’re going to Liverpool? Alone?!” when they found out I wasn’t going for a visit with friends or family.

It all turned out well though, because I had a blast in Liverpool. There were plenty of things to do, places to see, and vegan food to eat. Plus any time I got lost (which I’m embarrassed to admit happened a few times), passersby were always happy to help and point to a spot on the map or tell me that Google Maps had sent me the wrong way.

I stayed in the cutest hostel ever, called Podzzz. It was the perfect size and had everything I needed in the single room. Plus the staff there were probably the friendliest I’ve met on my travels.


Liverpool left a great impression on me, and I loved all the interesting things you’d find walking around the city. Ranging from an urban wildflower field to street art.





My first meal in the city was at The Egg, a vegetarian cafe in the city center. Although the atmosphere was nice, I’m sad to say my meal was a flop.

20140727-184910-67750791.jpgI ordered the spicy burger, and when they brought out the plate I honestly thought they’d chosen the wrong dish. The sides were utterly flavorless and the “burger” was just like a large falafel with bland marinara sauce on top. It was the first time I have had a bad meal while eating at an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant before, so I was pretty disappointed.


Unperturbed by my less than satisfying lunch, I wandered around the shopping district and found the holy grail of punk clothes and oddities: Grand Central Hall. This place was packed full of unique little shops with a variety of clothes, jewelry, comic books, and records. Everything was relatively well priced too, unlike a lot of these specialty themed markets I’ve seen.


I also visited the Walker Art Gallery, which featured some amazing quilts by Grayson Perry. The place was huge too, and took about two hours to go through the whole thing.


For dinner, I had planned to hit up a nearby vegan restaurant just down the block. Upon seeing their closed sign, I decided to meander down the street until I found a restaurant that looked like it had vegan options. Luckily for me, The Brink was right down the road. The staff was knowledgeable about what options were available, and I ended up settling with a bowl of creamy (due to blended potatoes/carrots) tomato soup. And also, I drank a bottle of the best root beer I’ve ever had! I’ll have a tough time finding something that compares to this in the States.


Will Travel for Vegan Food

First off, I’m writing this post from my iPad, so if the formatting looks strange, that’s why.

I’ve decided to start blogging again because I miss it and it honestly motivates me to cook different food (aka not fall into a “food rut”). This summer I’ve been busy traveling by using the website Workaway and through it I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to meet new people, and collect lots of lovely recipes on the way.

I’ve worked in both Ireland and Scotland, and also visited the rest of the UK during my time here. From all of this I have a neat little notebook filled with recipes from almost all of my hosts (I’ve had four in total), and I can’t wait to go back home to recreate or veganize them, then share my tasty findings on LimaBeanLover.

But until I return home mid-August and have a chance to tinker with the recipes, I’ll just be sharing some of the delicious food from my trip. My next post shall be all about Liverpool, so be excited! For a bonus, here’s a picture from of me in all my nervousness before Peter left me at the airport for the flight to Ireland. I have since then conquered my fear of flight.



As mentioned in my previous update, life has gotten crazy busy! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’m actually having a pretty good time. Between school, work, running campus clubs, and coordinating the social media for Cosmic Forge Studios (check it soon for the new website), I’ve barely had time for homework, let alone the blog. This post was mostly written because I have time off from school due to some snow days (see picture below).


I do not see things letting up any time soon, so Lima Bean Lover will now be a blog for recipes only. I’m still constantly cooking and baking, but have little time to write “Oh look how nice this meal looks!” posts. So whenever I come up with a new recipe (or steal one from my roommate), then I’ll share it here. I already have a few in drafts including sloppy joe pasta, wholesome banana muffins, and slow cooker navy bean soup. So know I’m still thinking of my readers and the blog!


Hey everyone! Sorry if you saw any odd pictures on my blog lately, I had a mix-up trying to moderate a friend’s WordPress blog and some of his stuff got posted to mine.

I’m also trying to update everyone as to what’s happening with Lima Bean Lover. I’m super busy with school, a new part-time job, and being president of three different organizations. Needless to say, the blog is not top on my priority list. But I am not abandoning it, just letting it cool down a little. I’ll be posting the second half of my Vinegar Variety posts soon, and definitely one about Thanksgiving dinner.

So I hope everyone has a great holiday break, and I should be updating y’all soon.

Weekly Wednesday Round-Up – Muffins and Tattoos

Corn muffins with a vegan take on honey butter, agave margarine!

agave butter muffins

Pizza hummus with pita chips
pizza hummus and chips

Pumpkin spice muffins made by my lovely roommate. I’ll be posting the recipe soon!

pumpkin muffinsAnd lastly my new tattoo! Which is in honor of the University of Montevallo’s Purple Side. Our symbol is the cow and also an old tradition used to be to throw Moon Pies at the opposing side. Now I need to veganize some Moon Pies!

cow tattoo

Narnian Delights (Vegan MoFo #5)

mofo banner
narniaThe Chronicles of Narnia is yet another classic book series. One of my pet peeves is that most people assume (due to the order they were written in) the first book of the series is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. But towards the end of his life C.S. Lewis said he preferred the books in chronological order, so The Magician’s Nephew is actually the first in the story and is about the origins and beginning of Narnia. But alas, today is about the second book and not the first!

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, four siblings travel through a wardrobe to the magical land of Narnia. There they encounter the infamous White Witch, who rules Narnia with an iron first and keeps the land in a perpetual winter. As the children fight to overthrow her they meet wonderful allies like Aslan the lion, fauns, centaurs, talking animals, and more. Full of symbolism and extraordinary adventure, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a good classic to pick up.

The Queen let another drop fall from her bottle onto the snow, and instantly there appeared a round box, tied with green silk ribbon, which when opened, turned out to contain several pounds of the best Turkish Delight. Each piece was sweet and light to the very center and Edmund had never tasted anything more delicious.” – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (paperback) pages 36-37

Towards the beginning of the book, Edmund (one of the four siblings) encounters the White Witch. She is fascinated to meet a human boy (aka a “son of Adam”) and tries to win his favor by providing him any treat he desires. Edmund chose Turkish Delights, so that’s what I made today!


The recipe I used was very simple, and turned out quite good! When cooking it, the Delights looked like a mix between jello and taffy, and I wasn’t sure I’d like the end result. But they were actually really tasty! The lemon extract is an unexpected flavor, and they kind of melt in your mouth.

Tons of Pictures, But No Camera Cord

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are having as wonderful of a holiday season as I am. I have lots of great pictures of food to share, some restaurant and product reviews, and even a new recipe! But sadly I left my camera cord in my dorm room, and won’t be able to get it back until January 6th. So expect a lot from Lima Bean Lover as soon as that date rolls around!

Best wishes,

– Hayley

Meeting Alton Brown

On the 25th of last month I got to go on a wonderful adventure to Birmingham!  And there I met my favorite celebrity chef, Alton Brown. He was doing a book signing for his newest and final book installment in the Good Eats trilogy. Now before anyone feels the need to post on this and complain, I know he is not vegan. But he is a very good chef and I have always loved his television shows/books, so if you don’t like it just go on to another food blog.

His signing was at a Books-a-Million and there were over 150 people there waiting in line. Thankfully, I had gotten my line ticket the day before and I was already 20th in line. Once he came out, Alton spoke for about half a hour about his new series coming out and his future plans since the end of the Good Eats series. He was afraid everyone couldn’t see him, so he stood on top of the table during the presentation. Then there was a Q&A where he answered lots of food related questions, and a few non-food ones too.

When I made it up the line and finally met him, he asked me if I was aspiring to be a chef and when I told him I was planning on being a family and consumer sciences teacher, he said “This is important. Promise me that you will use my book in your future class. Promise me.” I laughed and promised him I would use a recipe or two in my future FCS class. It was a great experience meeting him.