Post of the S – Spaghetti, Sandwich, and Soup

Okay, so I have a hard time coming up with cute titles for these posts. So there are others meals in here that don’t start with S, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as yummy as the food included in the titles. šŸ˜›

I amĀ way behind on posting regular food pictures, so don’t be too surprised when I mention Halloween in this post.

Tomato herb couscous (recipe coming soon!) andĀ barbecueĀ Ā Morningstar chick’n strips

Mushroom spaghetti and salad with balsamicĀ vinaigrette.

The glorious thing you are about to see below is an artichoke-bacon chicken salad sandwich. This is probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It’s not very healthy, so it will have to be only made on occasion, but anyone who likes chick’n salad should try this.

Peter’s family made a wonderful dinner the other day. I had a Boca burger patty with A1, roasted sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and fried green tomatoes.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Student Group at UM had a Halloween bake sale and so of course I had to make lots of vegan treats!

Carrot cake cupcakes with cheez cream frosting
Peanut butter cereal “bars”, which fell apart so I just mooshed them into balls

Cookie dough bites (from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar) dipped in chocolate

Soy-Tan Dream Cutlets (which are amazing!) with buttery pasta
Potato soup with bacon bits

Week of Noms

This week has been filled with some great food, which I shall share with you through a photo montage:

The Tennessee Valley Vegan Wrap from Coffee & Play House. This grilled wrap has tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, purple onions, red pepper hummus, and balsamic glaze. With a side of pickle slices and veggie straws. Very yummy.

This adorable tiny squash was grown by my boyfriend’s parents in their organic garden. Too cute to not share.

I made these two-ingredients red velvet cupcakes, made by mixing just a can of pure pumpkin and a box cake mix, then slathered with cream cheez frosting. These were pretty good, but I think a carrot cake or spice cake mix would mesh better with the pumpkin.

And lastly, rice and bean soft tacos topped with red onions and a mix of Vegenaise, lime juice, and chili powder. This sauce was fantastic and really made the tacos great.

Coffee and Play House – Restaurant Review

It’s a big deal when a new restaurant opens in town, but it’s a VERY big deal when they serve delicious vegan options.

That’s why when I heard that the newly openedĀ Coffee and Play HouseĀ had a vegan veggie wrap, Peter and I headed over there right away. Their veggie wrap consists of garlic hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber slices, artichoke hearts, mixed greens, and bean sprouts (which I opted to not get), all drizzled with balsamicĀ vinaigrette andĀ snuggled into a wheat tortilla. The wrap comes with a side of veggie straws, pickles, and a drink for just $8.

The food was extremely yummy, and the friendly service was great. They informed us that everyone has the option to mix and match with their menu, catering to each customers preference. So extra tomatoes and no hummus? Not a problem at all! Have it how you like it.

And even with the yummy food, the best part of Coffee and Play House is theĀ atmosphere:

It’s in the same building as Excalibur, a vintage and vinyl store full of interesting things like records, vintage clothing, comics, homemade jewelry, and art by local artists, among other neat stuff. It’s great to wander through while you wait for your lunch to be prepared.

So all in all, I give Coffee and Play House two big thumbs up. If you’re ever in the downtown Decatur area, most definitely check it out.

Eating Out and Party Food

Thursday night my mother and I had a girls’ night out. We went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and for dinner we went to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Though there was only one vegan option (besides salad, of course) it was very tasty so I didn’t feel left out. I got the Penne Franco (without cheese) and it was simply divine. Penne pasta tossed in roasted garlic olive oil and freshly chopped basil. It was mixed in with roasted mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, black olives, and artichoke hearts. Ā Yum, yum.

Saturday was my Sunday school group’s Christmas party. Everyone brought finger foods and I made these lovely double stuffed potatoes to share. The recipe is here on VegWeb. I left out the Tofutti cheez and the white and green onions, but these were still very delicious. Cheezy with a hint of spice from the hot sauce mixed in. Definitely try this recipe if you haven’t already.