Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Turnips (Vegan MoFo #2)

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Truesight by David Stahler Jr. is about a group of people attempting to create a utopia called Harmony Station by genetically engineering themselves and their children to be blind. They live by the philosophy of¬†Truesight: Blindness brings unity, purity, and freedom. The main character, Jacob, will soon be turning thirteen and entering adulthood. While he has that to worry about, he soon begins getting pain behind his eyes and sees faint amounts of light. As Jacob gains his sight, it’s like living in a whole new world. His fascination with sunsets, the bright greenness of grass, and the faces of his loved ones just shows how much he and everyone else in Harmony Station have been missing.

Although he enjoys what he’s seeing at first, Jacob can’t help but also notice the bad things. There is corruption in the government, people are starving due to poor harvests and refusal to barter with the “seers” for more food and supplies, and Jacob isn’t quite sure his best friend died when everyone said she did.¬†As Jacob begins to be able to physically see, he also sees that the perfect society he lives in is anything but that.

“It’s okay, Dad. I’m not hungry.”

“Well, I am, and I have to say, despite your mother’s ingenious recipes, I’m getting a little tired of turnips. Not that the turnip isn’t a wonderful vegetable” – Jacob’s father paused for effect – “right, Jacob?”

Jacob’s mother laughed at the joke. Since early childhood Jacob had hated turnip and for a long time had refused to eat it. Not these days.” – Truesight (paper back) page 52

Due to a poor harvest and cattle dying from disease, Harmony Station is struggling to feed its members. The main food available to them is turnips, so that is what I cooked today! I tried to pick something with only a few ingredients since I’m guessing the citizens of Harmony don’t have a ton of supplies on hand for extravagant cooking.


I made some roasted turnips with balsamic vinegar. I’ve had turnips before, but they were just plain boiled with salt and pepper and weren’t my favorite. I gave them another shot, and they weren’t half bad! They were similar to potatoes, but with a stronger and earthier taste. The roasting with vinegar really perked them up. But I definitely don’t envy the citizens of Harmony Station for having to eat these every day.