Dragons, Magic, and (most importantly) Potatoes (Vegan MoFo #16)

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Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret  and Tracy Hickman is a classic fantasy tale and the beginning of a hugely popular book series. As usual, the story begins in an inn. A group of friends, who separated years ago to each follow their own journeys, reunite by the fireside. They are a diverse lot and include a dwarf, half-elf, kender, knight, mage, and warrior. They each tell of the rumors of war they heard during their travels and re-confirm that none have heard any tales of the gods (who disappeared many years earlier) returning to aid the mortals.

But before their reunion can have a happy ending, they are pulled into a fight by defending a foreign barbarian couple at the inn. The couple tells the friends of their magical blue staff and the evil that hunts for it. Soon the corrupted city guard is upon them, and the couple and friends must flee for their lives. This unexpected journey soon takes a turn, as they are informed that they must reach the ancient city of Xak Tsaroth within a few days to receive ‘greatest gift’, which may aid them in the upcoming war between good and evil. The way will be long and perilous for the companions, but the fate of the world is in their hands.

“Xak Tsaroth,” Tanis said. “That is my decision.”

“Is that what the mage advises?” Sturm asked sullenly.

“It is,” Tanis answered, “and I believe his advice is sound. If we do not reach Xak Tsaroth within two days, others will and this ‘great gift’ may be lost forever.”

“The greatest gift!” Tasslehoff said, his eyes shining. “Just think, Flint! Jewels beyond price! Or maybe -“

“A keg of ale and Otik’s fried potatoes,” the dwarf muttered. “And a nice warm fire. But no – Xak Tsaroth!” ” – Dragonlance: The Annotated Chronicles (paperback) page 145

I’ve always thought that Otik’s fried potatoes (which were served at the Inn from the beginning of the story) sounded delicious, so it was the first dish I thought of when writing about Dragonlance. I got the recipe off of Dragonlance Nexus, an awesome fan website with multiple DL based recipes. The potatoes were perfectly crispy and spicy on the outside, while being soft and buttery on the inside. Just as delicious as I imagined.

otik's potatoes