Ninjas, and Mittens, and Skirts, Oh My!

Here is an update on some of the things I’ve been making, other than food.

I made this adorable knitted ninja to accompany my mother to her job. He sits on her desk and makes sure to throw a ninja star at anyone thinking of rifling through her drawers. I loosely based the body and limbs on the Anything Animals pattern from Petite Purls.

This next project I’m very proud of, it’s the first real piece of clothing I’ve ever made! I got a cute and fairly simple McCall’s pattern for a pleated skirt, and picked out some material I thought would look nice with a plain black top. I’ll admit, I couldn’t have made this without the help of my wonderful sewing class teacher. But now that I’ve sewn one once, it only takes a few hours to make another skirt.

And lastly, here are some cute fingerless heart mittens. I made these with the pattern from White Girl Knits (which is an awesome website, by the way, do check it out sometime), but altered them to be shorter and have ribbing on the top and bottom.


Weekly Round-Up + Sewing that Speaks for Animals

This week hasn’t been all that creative, food-wise at least. Though I did eat a couple of yummy meals and took snapshots of the two most photogenic things to come out of my kitchen in the last few days.

Below is a Dominex eggplant burger topped with all the veggie burger fix’ns and served with a side of curly fries. Yum!

Also we have some cute little vanilla cupcakes for Sunday night Bible study. I used my usual go-to cupcake recipe of the all-purpose vanilla cake from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan, and just put them into miniature cupcake form. A quick sprinkle of colored sugar really made the frosting swirls pop.

And here’s the thing that I think will really make this post interesting, my new pig bag. I made this in sewing class last Friday and it is now where I’m storing my knitting when I have to take it on the go. I found this lovely pig fabric on sale and couldn’t resist making something with it. As usual, I had to throw in a vegan jab so I added the phrase “Friends, not food.” on the bag with fabric painted.